Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SEO Rules that Remain Unchanged

At the quick pace with which search engine algorithms are changing, it could become difficult for the business owner to keep tabs of the right strategies in search engine optimization or SEO. However, in the fight for quality content and optimizing the user experience, you will find that some things are still the same as before.
Keyword stuffing is bad – Stuffing your content and your meta tags with useless keywords that don’t even make sense just might get your site kicked out of search engine results pages (SERPs).
Doorway pages are frowned upon – Doorway pages are those that serve no other purpose than to improve SERP rankings, giving no thought whatsoever to how it affects the end-user’s experience.
Quality content is for the readers – Your site’s content should always be done with your readers in mind. The more accessible and relevant your blog posts and on-site content are, the bigger your chance of turning your site visitors into leads and, eventually, into customers.
Linking to quality sites is paramount – You should link to reputable and authoritative sites and seek to generate links back to your site from them as well. Stay away from shady sites that hang on the fringe of getting penalized.
Submitting to directories shouldn’t be ignored – Sign your site up in as many online directories as you can (again, make sure that they’re reliable). The more sites you successfully register for, the better will be your online visibility.

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