Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mobile Marketing: The Future Has Arrived

Technology evolves in mind-blowing ways. Mobile devices, which outnumber the world’s population by 600 million and serve as the primary means by which 85 percent of consumers access the Internet, are a case in point.
Yet the sheer prevalence of mobile devices should not be your sole motivating factor. In some respects, mobile marketing enables easier tracking and is more efficient than other types of online marketing.
Traditionally, online marketers have had to contend with variances in IP addresses, which aren’t always unique and are assigned by internet providers. Mobile marketing, on the other hand, involves individual phone numbers. Consequently, you can keep better track of consumer behavior and retrieve more accurate data that allows you to gauge the success of your campaigns.
Studies also show that 90 percent of the time, consumers carry or at least have an internet-capable mobile device, like a smartphone, within reach. Your chances of reaching your target audience are greater if you are able to get your message across through a platform they are likely to check several times a day.
Finally, take note that most internet users steer away from websites that are not entirely mobile friendly. A marketing company with thorough experience in responsive web design, which enables easy navigation across a wide range of mobile devices, can be your best ally in this regard.

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