Thursday, August 14, 2014

Critical DO’s of Successful SEO

Successful SEO relies on a specific set of marketing techniques to achieve its set goals. Here are some of the most critical Do’s of successful SEO:
Nail the basics – SEO doesn’t have to be all complex. The most basic fundamentals of SEO include creating valuable, interesting online content, as well as getting included in local listings like GetListed.org. Nail these basics and then some, or evolve something even more engaging out of the original, and good things will come.

Be unique – People get turned off when they find redundant content on the web. When they do, they skip the page, no questions asked. Creating content just for the sake of filling up a page is a mortal SEO sin in itself. Each and every piece that a company posts online has to be one of a kind that offers readers a deeper understanding of topics relevant to the business and its consumers.
Write content with a more “human” tone – People love reading content they can easily relate to. Writing in a boring, monotonous, flat tone, with an equally uninteresting content will make the “voice” of your company sound like a lifeless robot online, and customers wouldn’t want to be speaking to one.

Don’t even think of tricking search engines – It is unethical practice to try tricks with the search engines to get on the top of search engine ranking pages. Big search engines like Google have introduced more advanced algorithms that give them the ability to identify fraudulent content and enact “punishment” on the sites by negating them, and penalizing them outright. 

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